About JOY Soup Kitchen

Mission: Addressing food insecurity throughout Greenville, NC

Our primary focus is to deal with food insecurity by providing meals to the poor and homeless in the community. We are the only place in Greenville that prepares and serves free, nutritious, hot midday & evening meals to address this essential need. Our patrons represent people from all demographics as we do not discriminate based on race, age, and ethnicity, or underlying health conditions.  For some, this may be their only meal of the day. 

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Why We are Successful

We are currently serving over 3,900 meals per month to individuals and families with children, many of whom have been affected by the economic downturn. Serving 32,752 meals during 2020, there was a 58% increase in meals served in the second half year vs the first 6 months & we expect to serve over 40,000 meals in 2021, which is a 22% increase.

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Current Workflow

Our goal remains to continue serving meals to the vulnerable population in west Greenville, but also to assure the safety of our staff, patrons, and volunteers. We have reopened the dining room for inside eating but will continue to serve evening meals take-out only.

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During the Pandemic

Because of the logistics of preparing takeout meals and because of COVID-19 restrictions, we discontinued evening meals in March 2020, until we could develop a new takeout workflow and get enough staff &/or volunteers to manage 8 meals per week. 

Our Challenges

While serving an average of 100 – 150 daily meals, we are also facing cost escalation due to demand for takeout meals in the restaurant industry:   cardboard soup bowls with lids have increased from less than $30/case to over $80/case and three compartment trays with folding tops have increased over 200% in cost.

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The Finishing


There are no criteria for eligibility, and we provide meals to all who come to the JOY Community Building.

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Community Engagement & Outreach

We continue to be overwhelmed by the level of need, as well as the generosity of our


community.  This past year we’ve partnered with over a dozen local restaurants that


want to take a day to prepare and serve food.  One of the restaurants pulls his cooker


into our parking lot every few weeks and spends the day broiling 20 briskets or 120


quarter chickens.  Now we’ve started to add enough extra food (50 suppers last week)


to provide for the shift of the sheriff’s patrol, detention center, &/or police or a fire


station that’s on duty: recently serving 208 meals, including 50 for law enforcement


personnel and first responders.